The Band

Jon graduated from Colorado College and University of Colorado Law School. After working for the Office of Economic Opportunity in the San Luis Valley, he started three restaurants and a manufacturing business before committing to his passion, architecture and planning. The father of four, he lives in Colorado. In his spare time he writes songs, sings, kayaks and skis.

Larry graduated from Harvard University where he continued his musical career as a guitarist in a rock and roll band, the Dielectrics. He is a constitutional law scholar and is semi-retired as a teacher. He and his wife divide their time between Connecticut and Mexico. He enjoys tennis, playing his guitar, traveling, and being with his children.

John reputedly continues to strum when not campaigning. After graduating from Yale University, he entered the Navy and served in a gunboat in Vietnam. On return he challenged the precepts of the war, testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee at age 27. After graduating from Boston College Law School, he entered politics in Massachusetts and has been the U.S. Senator from that state since 1984. He is currently the 2004 Democratic Presidential candidate. He and his wife and their children have an impressive variety of athletic and cultural interests which they fit in and around John's busy campaign schedule.

Peter graduated from Harvard in 1968 and University of Cincinnati Medical School in 1977. Now semi-retired as an emergency room physician, he and his wife live in western Massachusetts, where they make award-winning maple syrup from sugar trees.

Jack continues to play and perform as a New Orleans ragtime piano player. A former Navy and newspaperman, he and his family make their home on the Massachusetts coast.

Andy graduated from Yale University and Columbia University Business School. After a successful career at First Boston Corporation as a municipal bond trader he and his wife moved to Rhode Island, where he is involved in real estate management ...that is when he isn't fishing for striped bass.